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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Adventures of Mark Twain: The Mysterious Stranger

"People are of no value, we can make more sometime. If, we need them...Life itself is only a vision, a dream. Nothing exists save for empty space and you, and you are but a thought"

This cartoon was banned back when it was made. It takes the ideas from Mark Twain's book "The Letters from  the Earth" and gives a quick example of Satan from that perspective. Which is a better perspective than the christians. Christians hear that Satan is bad and just fear and hate him and blame him for their wrong doings. If Satan was real he was an Angel, therefor HE HAD NO FREE WILL, anything he did he considered to be good, and to be the will of god. And he isn't human, so his perspective is not ours. Not saying that his is mine either. Just saying Mark Twain was doing some deep thinking in a time when that was not the norm. He saw that christianity makes you nothing more than a whim of god. Which is a very bleak life.

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