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Saturday, September 17, 2011

THC and Human Evolution


Ok, so Cannabis has been around since god knows when. I believe the first reference to it is in the Hindu original text, which is also the first know Human text, The "Rig Veda". Cannabis lived only in the land of the gods, and Shiva was walking through the desert. Shiva became hot, and tired and rested under the shade of a plant. This was the Cannabis plant, and upon rejuvenation Shiva granted the plant the gift of being sent to grow all over the human world. So not only are we denying ourselves rights, right now. We (the authorities really but I say we because I mean humans) are literally blocking Cannabis from a god granted gift, we are denying the gods and slandering the universe.
So, Cannabis has been in human experience for as long as we have been recording our words. It has also served as a major food staple for humans, which is why I believe noone dies from it. There were probably(Maybe) people who died from OD on Cannabis before, because it only makes sense that there would be. But we have been harmonizing and evolving with this plant, and accepting it's chemical message for so long. That we can now tolerate an amount that is greater than is possible to intake without passing out, (unless you know some chemistry, have a lot of money, and feel like committing suicide very very expensively, and maybe unsuccessfully)but they all died. We NEEDED to grow Cannabis, so the Cannabis intolerant bodies had no choice but to add Cannabis to their diet, and may not have had any idea what "intolerance" was and may have died without even knowing why. But this may be why we can't get too high, evolution and adaptation. We adapted to our needs, and our need was to learn how to accept this beautiful chemical message.
Plants don't have words, or sign language. The only way a plant can talk is with its chemicals (Poison: Don't touch/eat me, THC:Stay away from my flowers water!/What's up animals?) And we have been evolving side by side with Cannabis for...How long? It is saying somthing to us. That only a plant can understand. And plants probably comunicate through their roots ALL DAY LONG. The plants probably have such a large collected knowledge, that we can't even understand. They probably have ideas and systems together. The plants are the key to animal life on earth. They use evaporation as a tool to harness energy, and we only exist as a side effect to plant life. Because the plants were able to become multi-celled, and make use of energy, we were able to hitch a ride to life. We literally NEED them to breathe and eat, and some of them clean our waters.
We need to allow these plants the freedoms they have been given by the gods, and allow them to purify their message. The message right now is probably a mix of SAVE ME!!/I love you/What the fuck??? And we can't understand 3 combined plant messages. ONE IS HARD ENOUGH. We have been evolving with this plant forever, and we shouldn't stop now because Nancy Reagan said so. She thinks she can talk to dead people. But anyways, if you LOVE WEED. Plant the seeds you get EVERYWHERE. Save up every year. Whether you plan on helping those seeds grow, or even not ever looking at them. Collect your seeds. Plant them everywhere. This plant cannot fight the injustice that is the side effect of its life (us). So we have to help it, and in the end, it will help us. This plant has been alive and communicating with the world FAR longer and far better than we have. Let's see what it has to say, and if we know what it's saying better than anyone else in the world. We will have knowledge that no one can gather from reading ALL THE BOOKS IN THE WORLD. Please help this plant gain back its rights around the world. It doesn't deserve to be persecuted.
(The part under this was added later)
Looking at a dried out marijuana leaf, you don't even really have to think that hard about it. It looks like a skeleton hand. And if you do think about it, plants and animals aren't really too different except for the fact that a lot more undersea plants use sunlight than animals. (But there are animals under water that use light I believe, and there are definitely plants that eat food) And a lot more undersea  animals eat food than use sunlight. But what if the first thing to come out of the water was a plant. But it was related to a human WAYYYYYYYY back. It had like 1,000,000 years to evolve without us, and diverse itself based on territory. Then we show up ALL THIS TIME LATER and look at that, there's all these plants to eat here just like in the water. But that's just our ancestors, or cousins. IDK, something. But we were stupid and hadn't become varied species of ape. (Then one species mutate, and more breeds and more breed be made until eventually our human ancestors came out.)So there is no way we could have stopped ourselves, it was just food. But THINK about the relationships that we've built over time with different objects and species, and think about how solidified that is. And it is narrowed by what language you speak, what religion you are, what experience you have and everything. It's crazy how there's stuff that we don't even think about just because we don't have words to make those thoughts.

There are ZERO examples of humans and plants mixing together on Google images except for this right here^^^^^^ (Poison Ivy fom Batman) And some anime. Is it that crazy of an idea that we can't get some more "half plant half people" or "plant (people/human) mixed" There was almost nothing at all.

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