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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tupac Shakur

Everyone remembers Tupac from his trials, and his role in the movie Juice. A lot of people actually believe Tupac was similar or exactly like his character "Bishop" in real life. Tupac was NOTHING like that character. He was still a kid when he died, 25 years old. He was labeled a rapist, a cop killer, and a thug promoting violence across the country. But that wasn't his intention at all, that's just how white people saw it.

Tupac is looked at as one of the biggest gangsters, or a cop killer. But that's not who he was, he was a voice for the black people. He was raised by a Black Panther, his mom was a Black Panther. And she taught him their values, which is another thing America doesn't understand. They weren't gun toting black people, hunting cops. They were educated, well read in law, and happened to carry shotguns, etc. White America LITERALLY made gun concealment laws because they were afraid of the Black Panthers. But the black panthers were just a people's police department. They would drive around, or walk around and look for police that were bothering people (usually being racist and picking on black people) and they would intervene by acting as somewhat of a lawyer for the person that was opposite the police. They would carry around law books, and do EVERYTHING legally. There was no way the Panther could have the situation turned on him, based on his education within the law. That way the police officer was forced to deal with his victim within the law. They were the people's police. Making sure the police weren't privately fucking with you in some way to make things worse.

Tupac was just like that. He shot two off duty cops, not because he was a thug, or wanted the most "juice". He was getting out of his car at a hotel, and heard some cops harassing a black man. He went over to help, because he knew the police were doing more than they should, and they pulled guns on him. He shot them, completely in self defense. When he went to court all charges were dropped, because not only was Tupac protecting himself, the two cops he killed were off duty, outside their county, with weapons from the evidence locker, and they were both drunk.
Then they tried to get him with rape charges. Think about if you were like lil Wayne or Diddy. Would you EVER need to rape anyone? Any bitch would be on your dick. Same went for Tupac. This bitch went in the court room and said "I met them in the lobby of a hotel, and went back to their room with them, and engaged in oral sex... They called the next night, I met them again in their rooms, and again engaged in oral sex." This bitch wasn't rapped. She was being a slut. Even after her testimony that CLEARLY showed she was a willing participant in her "rape", the judge gave Tupac something like molestation charge, so he had to go to jail for that. The judge said something like "Well I still have to make an example... Blah blah blah... Gangster rap."

There are videos with Tupac talking about guns, the SAME way Huey Newton and them used to talk about guns. He wasn't saying go out and shoot people, go use your guns to rob people. He was saying to protect yourselves, he was saying the police are strapped up, and they aren't bullshittin, and they'll come at you quick for some stupid shit. He was worried about protecting the black community from the government.
When he was 17, he was setting up programs in Baltimore to help prevent people from getting AIDS, and stop violence because he had had friends that got shot, and he knew AIDS was a big killer in the black community in the 80s. Then when he got older he was just trying to teach kids how to be a man, and stand up. Not to shoot cops, not to shoot their brothers, and claim a set to shoot at another color. He was saying get ready for the government to come at you, while he preached to America as a whole about what was going on in the unseen communities. He would give speeches too, about how shit isn't better yet and we aren't done, his first one recorded was at a Malcom X meeting thing.

Tupac said something once in an interview "If I die, ya'll don't wanna see the next nigga. He ain't gonna have NO compassion." and look at Lil Wayne and Birdman, DIAMOND teeth. Spending ALL their money on themselves, and partying and shit. Pac had underground programs set up for children, and homeless people. The most rappers today are doing for the homeless is paying for girls to get off the street, and bringing up drug dealers by buying so much from them. No one is trying to fix anything, no one wants to change anything. Because they make money the way it is right now, why would they want to change it? But they SHOULD. Like think about Beiber, he is Ushers project. Why?!?!? Usher should have found some black kid like Chris Brown (But younger) and promoted him. WHY give that to a little white boy?? Bieber isn't gonna share any wealth with the black community. He doesn't have black friends he can promote and bring up. Usher just passed the torch back to the white man.

Things are fucked up, and need to get better. And no one with money seems to want to do anything about anything anymore. And people like Tupac that WERE trying to do something, get viewed as the "hardest villain" that ever lived, when that's not what he was trying to be at all.
Quincy Jones was quoted saying:
"If Martin Luther King had died when he were 25, he would have been a struggling baptist priest. Not yet on the national circuit.
If Malcolm X would have died at 25, he would have been a street hustler.
And if I (Quincy) had died at 25, I would have been a struggling trumpet player."

Tupac already had platinum records, was a voice for his community, and was well known for effects he as one person had on America as a whole at the age of 25 when he died. If he had been allowed to live to be 30, 40, 60, 80. He could have done a lot of thinking, a lot of reflecting, and he would have had a lot of wisdom and answers for the world. He was already educated, effective, and talented as a young man. And he was put through more struggle than he should have been. He was just a voice for a community, and he was looked at as a ringleader for gang activity by the highest government officials in America. Just because of his lyrics.

Tupac was better than most people give him credit for. Don't think he's Bishop from Juice, he was someone that should be alive right now.