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Friday, October 24, 2014

Ways Laws Are Made: Common Law

We have all heard of the Civil Rights Movement, and we all know how this works. We just all haven't ever had it explained to us completely. So if you have never heard this before, here it is.

One way Laws are made is in court. When a judge or jury makes a decision it become the "Law of the Land". This is how segregation ended in schools. Brown VS The Board of Education, the judge made a ruling it was the law of the land.

If you had a wolf, and your town had never seen a wolf in public, you might get a ticket. If you go to court, whatever the judge decides is the new wolf law. This is common law.

And a city judge makes city law. A County Judge makes county law, a State Supreme Court Judge makes State law, and a Federal Supreme Court Judge makes Federal Law. And these are called "The Law of the Land" when people talk about them.

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