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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Biological Spectrums

Now, First off, to get your brain juices flowing check out the "Mantis Shrimp" who can see more colors than you. It can also punch hard enough to break glass, and fast enough to boil water.

There are entire Light spectrum that humans simply do not have ready access to with our regular body. But throughout history we have been able to watch animals that do and follow their lead. Just like we use dogs to smell for us, but with other animals it has been more of a distant observation.
There is an entire electromagnetic spectrum.
Mouse VS Human smell world's

We can now make dog whistles and "mosquito apps" to see what humans can hear, but before there were just things we couldn't hear but we knew animals like dogs and cats could.
The link between ALL organisms is Electro-Chemical signals. Everything from plants defenses and growth, to human action and emotion, and even ant communication. We all operate on Electo-Chemical signals. Your brain is kind of like an ant pile.
And I want to point out that IF intelligent aliens exist, they will be AT LEAST as alien to us as ants and , elephants. We need to figure out how to live with these guys before we try contacting anyone else.
In Thailand there are painting elephants.
There was even already one doctor who recorded a dolphin mimicking words it learned from him.
If an animal can recognize itself in a mirror, we consider it to be kind of like a human.

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