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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Churches You Might Think Are Strange

Religious rights protect TONS of Scheduled and FDA disapproved Substances.


Here is the Church of Neuroscience. They are not selling "Scheduled" drugs, but if they did not have the religious status they do, they would have been in jail a long time ago for selling people these things that the FDA says are not approved for Human Consumption. They are only approved for possession, sale, trade and giving away for research or novelty purposes. But it is illegal to sell it to someone to eat, but that is the whole basis of their church.

Here is The Native American church, most people know this, but they are allowed to Grow, Posses and Consume Peyote which is a Controlled plant that contains a scheduled substance.

Here is the Temple of True Inner Light, they take one of the things that is not FDA approved (Research Chemicals) called DPT, it is related to DMT and has effects between that of LSD and DMT, and they use it as a sacrament. Similar to communion, and how the Native American church uses peyote.

There is even a Marijuana Church that is not 4,000 years old. There American Headquarters is in Florida and they regularly use Marijuana as a sacrament. Even after some of their members were put in jail for smuggling so much Marijuana into Florida from Jamaica that the Jamaican prime minister even spoke on it when it happened, and said that it was just helping their economy. RASTAFARIANS ARE CHRISTIAN. Most people don't know that.


  1. Rasta's are technically not christian because they believe in a prophet other than christ, they also believe a host of esoteric information related to the "first king" of ethopia. That being said they are super awesome, and who knows maybe that guy was really christ reborn.
    Other than that they are christians.

    1. I think Jews and Muslims are also Christians, specially Muslims

    2. They are like Mormons, they are Christian by category, but other Christians will automatically point to their belief in the 2nd coming of Jesus and say they are wrong, instead of even thinking maybe they missed Jesus. Lol. I think all Christians are wrong, so I just call them all Christian if they call themselves Christian.

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