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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cows in Human Evolution

In China, 10,000 BC. Once we started farming cows, we would have had extra milk to consume. Once we had extra milk, we would have had more Choline in our brains, and this would have lead to a higher capacity for cognitive function. Cognitive function is like when you turn a crank, and it turns a gear or "cog" and that cog spins another cog. This action happens in our brain. When we are told something, we have "cognitive" activity that attaches that thought to other thoughts. And there is also "recognition" when you "recognize" someone you are using cognitive function. If you have ever heard someone say that "smoking cigarettes clears your head" that is because nicotine works similarly to Choline, but Choline is not addictive. If you can not drink milk but you want Choline in the modern day, you can order it online in pure form. For extra cognitive action you can mix it with Piracetam for a Synergistic effect. Piracetam is prescribed in other countries for people that need help studying and focusing, but in America it is considered an over the counter supplement type thing.

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