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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Divination Pt 11: Birds

Since I mentioned Hermeticism and Tarot cards and stuff, I thought maybe some people might want to learn about another cool type of Astrological Practice. There is something called "Parrot Astrology".

There is a famous Astology Parrot named Mani. The way he does it is basically like Tarot, but instead of the cards being shuffled and chosen from the top, the cards are all spread out and the parrot picks one. This is obviously not the best way to take fortune into your own hands, and the practice is dying out. Unlike Gambling, which uses tarot decks and makes millions if not billions of dollars per casino per year.

A similar practice known as Alectryomancy uses Roosters and Grain like a Ouija board. 2 methods of doing this are placing grain randomly around in the shape of the alphabet and see where the Rooster goes to eat and read what he says. Or make a circle with the alphabet around the Rooster and do the same. You can also have the alphabet set up in carving or paint and place a single piece of grain at each one. Just like Tarot, there is a more popular form of this where people take fortune into their own hands. It is called Cock fighting, and it's illegal in many places.

Both of these practices could be classified under the name "Ornithomancy" or "Augury" which is "Bird Divination". This is similar to how people say "Ravens are a bad omen", there are many more "signs" than this, but that one specifically is based on the fact that Ravens are Carrion birds, and would have been seen in ancient times eating dead bodies in the street.

In the originally written version of the Oral Torah/Bible tradition known as "The Septuagint", Joseph "with his technicolor dream coat" was said to have practiced Ornithomancy. Later the Bible forbids the practice.

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