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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Types of Divination Pt 6: Smoke, Dust & Wind

Abacomancy is Divination by Sand, Dust and Ashes. This can be used as a form of Necromancy by using the ashes of the deceased. You look for symbols in the Sand or Ashes, and if using the ashes of a person, you would look for symbols that were important to them and in general you would look for symbols that are reoccurring in other situations like Dreams or Scrying.

Divination using flour is Alueromancy, a common form of this is Fortune Cookies, where Philosophical things are baked into food. Another method was to mix water and flour in a bowl, dumping it out, and interpreting the residue like Tea Leaves.

Salt can also be use for Divination in various ways. It can be thrown into the air and interpreted as it falls or once it makes patterns on the ground. You can also create a water/salt solution and interpret the residue at the bottom once the water evaporates. When you spill salt and throw the spilled salt over your shoulder, this is a practice of Alomancy.

Libanomancy is specifically the interpretation of incense. Both the ashes and the smoke. You are supposed to ask a question, then watch the smoke and the way the ashes fall.

General Divination using smoke from any source is known as Capnomancy.

Aeromancy is listening to the wind, or reading the clouds. Other weather patterns may be interpreted also, but mainly those things. Christians take this a step too far and "blame God" for droughts and other occurrences of weather.

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