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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Educational Gods

The Greeks, Egyptians and others did not actually think that there were magic Gods in the sky, an example of this are the words "Mentor" and "Nemesis", we still use these words today, but they are the words of ancient Goddesses. Mentor was a representative of Athena in your life, and Nemesis was your "Karma" for not worshiping the same way as everyone else. Basically the same as when someone stops going to church everyone wants to talk trash about them in the church community, that was the Ancient Greek "Nemesis". Then there is the Goddess Mnemosyne, which is where the modern word "Mnemonic" comes from.
"Mnemonic Device"
Mnemosyne was the "Mother" of the "Muses" aka "The Arts".
We think of Zeus as a magic man in the sky with a beard and lightning bolts, but that is not what the Greeks thought. To them Zeus was the Planet Jupiter, and Jupiter was associated with a month, that month was associated with different seasonal customs, etc. Mneumonics were important to ancient societies.
This can still be found in the modern "Farmer's Almanac" which will tell you where the planets are, where the moon is, when the sun will rise, etc. So that you know when to plant, when to harvest, etc.
And there were "Mimesos" who used "mīmēma" to "Mimic" the Gods, and we got "Actors".
In Medieval Times, they used the "Guidonian Hand" as a Mnemonic device for Singers. Our hands have always been Mnemonic devices, for counting and other things. 
The Greeks also liked "Symmetry" which is where the word "Symbol" comes from. Symmetry means equal on both sides, "Symbol" means that it is something that shows equal qualities on both sides. Ex: America uses the symbol of the Eagle to try to show what qualities they want the word to see.
They were also interested in "Chirality", which is like your hands, where they are the same, aka "Polar Opposites". Like the Mythical creature the "Chimera"
And ancient people thought of the "Soul" differently than we do today. In ancient Greece the soul went right along side things  like the Psyche and the Ego, which were involved with Gods like Pan. Ina ancient Egypt the "Soul" was 5 parts: 1. The Heart (Ib), Sheut (Shadow/Statue), Ren (Name), Ba (Personality), Ka (Life Spark), Akh (Intillect). The concept of the Shadow soul is probably the reason aboriginals thought that photographs captured the soul, in Ancient Egypt they would have people draw sillouettes so they could live on after death (along with all the mummification rituals).

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