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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hash Making Methods for Holi-Day

Since Christmas is during the "Holi-day" season, Marijuana is ceremonially/traditionally/celebrationally legal, here are some ways to make hash.

Bubble bags: This is probably the best way to make good hash for not a lot of money long term. If you get 8 bags and use them all, or use your favorite ones once you figure it out, then you can make some awesome hash with just water. You can also use Dry Ice and shake the bags with the Dry Ice and Marijuana inside. This is usually done over a flat table or mirror. You can also dry sift using different metal screens that are like bubble bags.

Milk or Lemon Juice Extraction: Weak acids and bases such as milk and lemon juice can extract the THC from leaves and buds of the plant. This is the way many people consume Marijuana during Holi.

Oil Extraction: This is done using an oil such as butter, olive oil or vegetable oil. You heat the oil up with the plant material in it, then filter it out and keep the oil. If you do this with Vegetable Glycerin, you have made E-Cig oil.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO): Usually you use a tube specifically meant for this, or make one. And Butane evaporates quickly and is flammable, so it should always be done outside. This is how people make wax and shatter.

CO2 Extraction: This is like Butane, but safer, since a spark can not ignite it.

Solvent Extraction: This is done using a Solvent like Ethanol (drinking alcohol), Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or stronger things such as Acetone or Naphtha.

Polarization Extraction: This is where you do 2 extractions. First with a non-polar solvent such as lemonene, then with a polar solvent such as Alcohol, which pulls out the THC and leaves the waxes and resins in the lemonene. You would then separate the 2 layers using a separatory funnel.

Steam Extraction: If you have a 3 layer pot, you can boil water in the bottom and have the top "catcher" thing full of plant material. Then when the water boils and the steam touches the plant material, it extracts the essential oils which fall back down attached to the water. Steam Distillation can further purify this.

Distillation Extraction: This is how many plants are turned into their oil form. It is just like making alcohol from wine, or cleaning water for drinking. You heat up the first container, and the water and/or alcohol will start to evaporate. Whatever has the lowest boiling point will evaporate fastest. A tube is set up to catch the stem and send it to a cooled container where the vapor can be collected. This is done with Roses to create "Rose Otto". 

Caviar: This has been standardized in forms like Kratom and Salvia, where you see like "40x" and stuff like that. But in the Marijuana industry so far, caviar just means buds dipped in BHO and maybe rolled in Keif or bubble hash. 

If you want to make Marijuana brownies, you use the oil Method and replace the butter or oil in the Brownie recipe with your Butter or Oil that contains Cannabis.

If you want to make Marijuana Candy, you get Corn Syrup and Sugar and color and flavor if you want it and a candy thermometer if you can find it, then find the recipe for the kind of candy you want to make online. If you look up "Corn Syrup, Sugar, Candy Recipe" it will show you how to make everything from softish candy (cotton candy recipe) to hardy candy. And if you mix Solvent Hash or BHO or Bubble hash or Keif with the candy when it is a little hot, it will mix in as you mix in the flavor and the color. And when it cools, dries and hardens you will have Cannabis candy.

If you make a solvent extraction with Ethanol (drinking alcohol) you can use it as a tincture (drops in the mouth), this can be used to add Cannabis to your drink kind of like a beer type thing.

If you collect resin, you can do a polarized extraction to turn it into clean hash. If you do a filtered solvent extraction or something first it will help it be cleaner.

Another thing you can do that not many people do is make Caviar, but instead of using Buds and BHO, use Bubble Hash and BHO. And if you have Bubble hash that is the right grade, you can get it to flatten out, then use it to roll up bud inside, this way you have a blunt that has hash for paper and bud insid

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