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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Heqet, Frog Goddess of America

There was an Ancient Egyptian Frog Goddess known as "Heget", she was considered magic because frogs would come during the flood time, and flood time was when Nile worship benefited a person, since it would water your crops for you. And you might attribute that to your proper worship, which some people did.

Heget later became "Hecate" who is the Goddess of Magic. Hecate is known to have a Torch sometimes and a thorny crown sometimes.

And if you Google "Mithras Symbol Torch Whip Crown" you will see that the torch and the Thorny crown are connected in not only one culture but various cultures...

Now, have you ever wondered why the statue of Liberty is Green? It was an accident due to the copper right?

I don't think it was an accident. The statue of Liberty is GREEN like a frog Goddess SHOULD be, she is holding a torch like Hecate/Heget, and she is wearing a Helios crown aka Thorny Crown aka Crown like the Sun.

The Statue of Liberty is Heget frog Goddess of the Flood water.

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