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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How Christmas Spread To Rome

200 years before Jesus. Rome had taken over Alexander's Empire which could not sustain itself being spread so thin and without its solidifying figurehead that was the king of everything. So Rome, which was just Fraternal organizations like colleges have, took over the entire thing. Then Rome soon became a threat to the surrounding areas as it began to grow. Around this time an African nation known as Carthage was the rulers of Mediterranean waters, no one else could sail as deep as them or as well as them, and they were great inventors (first people to make clear glass) and warriors. The son of one of there great Generals was Hannibal Barca. He had gone with his brother in law to create "New Carthago" AKA New Carthage in Hispania.

Hannibal saw Carthage lose the sea to Rome, the leaders believed heavily in "God's Plan" AKA "Fate" and when they lost the sea to Rome, they did not want to fight to get it back. But Hannibal's father instilled a deep hatred for Rome inside him. So Hannibal attacked a Roman ally (even though it was within the borders of a treaty that said he was allowed to do what he wanted on that side of the river) and it made Rome mad. So they came to the Carthaginian leadership and asked that they give them Hannibal as prisoner, they rejected the offer. Then the Romans asked the Carthaginians if they wanted war or peace, and they said "You pick".

The Roman officials thought it would be fun to fight the Africans and Spanish, because they were not as well trained or well armed as them. Only Flavius rejected the idea, knowing that war was bad for the people. Hannibal came by land, crossing the Alps and making it to Italy months before expected, losing 1/3 of his army and all but 1 elephant in the process, as well as being stung by a mosquito in the eye in a swamp, and losing his vision in that eye. The Romans proceeded to send out their armies in blocks, standing shoulder to shoulder while Hannibal tore through them with flanks and spear head formations, as well as making good use of his Calvary on the wings. He would use tricks to draw out the Romans (like burning their civilians fields, or sending a herd of cattle with torches on their horns towards them so they would think the army was closer than it was)

The most well known battle is the battle of Cannae. In this battle Hannibal had a force of roughly 50,000 men from all over Africa and Europe who were armed with what they could find on the battle field since most of them came from tribal backgrounds. The Romans had roughly 90,000, better trained, better armed, better armored, less ethnically/culturally diverse, etc.

Before the Battle, one of Hannibal's officers named "Gisgo" said to Hannibal "They have many more men than us, we will surely be beaten today" and Hannibal replied "In all their vast number, one thing escapes your notice. There is not one of them named Gisgo".

And that day 50,000 men killed 70,000 men, and sent the other 20,000 running. Hannibal won by accidentally inventing what is now called "the Pincer". After this Hannibal controlled Italy via Martial Rule for 15 years, where he was basically a Bat Man like King that everyone could call on for help.

And one of the Carthaginians major Gods was "Ba'al Hamon" who was celebrated December 25th. As Rome clashed with Carthage for over 15 years, they adopted their festival. Later this would be chosen to be the day that Christians (which didn't exist yet) would celebrate Christmas. And obviously, it was mixed with the Traditions of Mithras. Mithras had a Mithras (pine) tree, Contracts between people (Marriage), the red and white man that appears, and a celebration feast. Saturnalia had the gift giving as well as a celebration feast.

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