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Sunday, December 21, 2014

How To Do Research

Context: Context is KING. If you read a story from a Roman historian about a General for an enemy army, who had morals like a Demon, remember that you are reading a Roman historian. If you are reading something from a Christian, remember you are reading something from a Christian. And keeping things in their timeline can be important too. For example, some Christians think Bibles existed when Jesus was around and don't realize the main texts were the Pentatook and Septuagint and stuff.

Cross Context: If the Christian historians and the Muslim historians both write about something, or if the Greeks and the Carthaginians both had similar stories about the founding of a group, then there may be something to that since 2 enemies both thought it.

Etymology: Discovering where a word comes from can give you more clues about how people used it and what it means.

There are more tools than this, but this should be able to help anyone that randomly feels like learning more about something or writing a book or something.

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