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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Knights Templar Post (From Halloween)

Since it is Halloween and I am talking about Christian tradition and people that accepted faiths that took over and stuff. You can probably see how different religions pretty much easily mixed throughout history. Imagine if ISIS came to your neighborhood and you lived in Syria. Your son or daughter might join ISIS in order to keep the family safe. It happened with Nazis, it happened with the Islamic waves and it happened during the Christian Crusades. The old religions would just hide their tradition in the new tradition.

This is why Catholics pray to Mary, this started in Egypt with the cult of ISIS, they converted to Christianity and they liked to worship the "Mother". Similar to why you put a Tree up and watch movies of Fat men in red coats to celebrate Jesus' birth. It's all just people hiding old traditions with new traditions.

So kinda got off topic there, but since it is Halloween I am going to talk about the Christian group in Ancient times known as "The Knights Templar" and there strange "Idol" known as Baphomet.

The Knights Templar were basically like the Mob. They did favors for people in exchange for favors, usually involving taking something from someone else. They ran banks, feudal cities and woodlands all over Europe and believed in the power of things like "the Holy Grail" and "The Spear of Destiny" and "The Stone of Scone", some groups still hold these items to be important today.

The Knights Templar were strange in a way, because they claimed Jesus and spread his name, but they had an Idol known as "Baphomet" who supposedly appeared in the form of a Black Cat or a Disembodied Head.

Baphomet contains all kinds of ancient symbols. Baphomet is both a man and a woman, and a goat. So Baphomet contains everything from Pashupati to Venus. He has a torch or flame on his head, which represents the Sun God. He has the 5 pointed star which represents Sirius, which is the star "behind the sun". And it seems as if they stole the whole idea from the Egyptian God Banebdjedet who was associated with Rams. And the word for "Ram" and the word for "Soul" are the same in Ancient Egypt, so that is a strange place for the Christian knights to choose to connect themselves to in ancient Egypt.

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