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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Law & Order & Religion

A lot of people think "Without law and order, Society would fall in to chaos", well they have a reason for thinking that. There was a man named Napoleon Chagnon, he was a corrupt doctor of Anthropology (cultural studies) who went to the Amazon to study people at their most "basic". He came back and told everyone "When I went there, I just saw them hacking each other apart", and he backed it up with observational research. But what he didn't tell everyone, which was found out later, was that he had gone to different tribes asking for people's last names and parents names and grandparents names, but in their culture it was taboo to do that. But he offered machetes, axes and shotguns to anyone that would give him a name. Then to make sure the name was right, he would go to the other tribe and say "Those guys told me that your dad and grandfather are so and so" then that would make that tribe mad, so he would know that it was true. But people still consider his findings to be relevant, even though most people have no idea who he is, and his books still sell today in where he documented the wars he started between these people, but acted as if they had always been that way.
If you are wondering how modern Sociology like this effects punishment, there is the "Broken Windows Theory". If you have ever heard anyone say "Clean up the Streets" they are working on broken windows theory.The theory that if 1 window is broken, other people will come break windows, so fix all the windows and no one will break windows. But that does not leave room for socio-economic status, or people like Dr. Chagnon bringing guns (and in modern times, oxycontin) to a community that would otherwise just be stoned on Amazonian plants and trading trinkets. So we put poor people in jail thinking they are "broken windows", and people who are being manipulated by new people in the community telling everyone they need guns or something a long those lines. When the Tea Party uses guns, we all forget about it, when a small town with mostly black people uses guns, we send in the national guard (look up "Ferguson" if you don't know what I am talking about).
Public sit-ins are legal

Police may not try to stop a public meeting preemptively unless they notify those gathering and allow them to defend their right to gather.

"Breach of the Peace Statutes", such as those in Ferguson, are illegal because they could incite violence.

Dispersing Peaceful crowds is also illegal
Random fact, police dogs speak German usually.
I am not a Christian or an Atheist (most people like to peg me as one or the other), I am a certified Minister and I research ancient traditions, Eastern , Western & Aboriginal. If you need a wedding, funeral or excorcism I can legally do it.
Religious Public Speech is protected by these rulings, which were both MEANT to defend the most extreme of groups, since they both ruled this way in defense of the Ku Klux Klan.
The Religious Freedom Restoration Act holds the federal government responsible for accepting additional obligations to protect religious exercise. 

It is never illegal to gather and bother people about your faith on the street
NO law shall be made to promote or hinder a religion.

Laws may not be passed that decide how religious doctrine should work

Religion does not mean that due process gets thrown out the window

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