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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Psychedelic Amphibians

Bufo Alvarius: This is the toad you think of when you think of people "Licking toads" you can not actually lick this toad and get any effects, but it has little venom glands that look like pimples. And inside those glands is 5-MeO-DMT, which is smokeable when dry and works very similarly to DMT. They live in the Southern US and into Sonora Mexico. These effects were discovered by ancient people, and the Toad is part of Religious ceremonies in a small American church called the Church of the Toad of Light.

Cane Toad: This is the cousin or sister of the Bufo Alvarius, they are more common, and they are bigger usually. They also have vemon glands, but their venom glands contain Bufoteinin. This can be painful to smoke, and doesn't have very strong effects. But if you were to treat the venom with heat and Calcium Hydroxide you can make it safe to smoke and more effective. This is how they do it in the Amazon, using edible lime. They discovered this mixture in the Jungle over a thousand years ago.

Waxy Leaf Frog/Waxy Monkey Frog- This frog is used in the Amazon where it is known as the "Kappo" frog. THIS is the toad that people actually lick to get effects. But usually people tie it up by its legs like a canvas to paint on, and they poke it with a stick to make it sweat. Then they use a wedged stick to rub across its skin and collect the sweat. It contains an Opiate that works very similarly to Morphine, and contains enzymes and other things that actually stimulate the body to cleanse itself and it is being studied as a possible Viral "cure".

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