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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some 60s and 70s Stuff

Timothy Leary invented LSD out of Ergot, which is found on about 1/3 of all cereal grains (wheat, rye, etc). Near the end of his life he claimed to be able to create controlled hallucinations where people would see angles and other things, simply by using the right light patterns and colors. Ergot itself is thought to be what what caused the Salem witch trials, they hypothesize that it was in the bread, and Ergot that has not been changed into LSD causes permanent mental changes.

You may have heard of the book "One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest", it was written by a man who worked in an insane Asylum. His neighbor was a Doctor and had gotten chosen to be a volunteer for an LSD psychological testing project that he had signed up for, but he was too scared to go, so he gave his ticket to Ken Kesey, Kesey was the man who worked at the Asylum. After the test he started doing acid at home, then at work and he realized that the people in the insane asylum were just regular people that were not treated right or had made bad decisions, then had been passed around by doctors so much that no one even thought of them as people any more. He wrote the book "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" based on this. Then he used his book money to buy a bus and drive with some friends (They called themselves "The Merry Pranksters" and had a bus named "Furthur" which is Further and Future mixed) across the country. LSD was legal at this time (much like Research Chemicals today, legal to buy, sell, trade, and give away) so they would give it to anyone that wanted it, and even some people that had no idea they were taking it. Which eventually became the "Acid Test" which is where the Grateful Dead started, they were called the Warlocks before they started being the Acid Test house band. Ken Kesey and the Diggers would get everyone together and give them acid (usually in Kool-Aid, sometimes in Turkey sandwiches and other things, there is a book about it called "The electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"). Ken Kesey and timothy Leary met and everyone thought it was going to be awesome, but they did not like each other because Timothy Leary was very clinical while Ken Kessey was much more of a free love and rock and roll oriented person.

Around the Same time came the Black Panthers and the Yippies who were involved in what is now know as "The Chicago 7" or "The Chicago 8" trial. A famous quote about Yippies says "A Yippie is a Hippie who was beaten by the cops" and together with the Black Panthers and the Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers they were the catalysts for almost everything in the 60s (everything that wasn't music). w Bobby Seale was the leader of the Panthers along with Huey Newton, while Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman were the leaders of the Yippies. In the Chicago Trial there was discussion about an event you have probably heard of that involved the Yippies and the Up Against the Wall MotherFuckers. The Yippies passed out flyers telling people to go to the pentagon so everyone could surround it and meditate to get it to float off the ground, then the Up Against the Wall MotherFuckers broke in and spray painted the wall. This was the protest where people were putting flowers in the guns of the soldiers.

The Black Panthers were not actually the violent crime group that people make them out to be. They were responding to police violence in their communities and decided hat THEY wanted tbe the police. So they picked up some Shotguns and Law Books and followed the police to make sure they didn't fuck around. Then concealed weapons laws were made.

The "Yippies" were more of a festival group. They would go around speaking and passing out flyers and planning events, they called it "Liberating Territories" and they would have people fly their flag to show that a territory had been Liberated. Abbie Hoffman wrote "Steal This Book" which had tons of stuff he stole from the diggers, and sparked modern changes in soda machines and pay phones, as well as sparked many of the minds in the Yippie movement.

Eventually came the Riot in Chicago, where police released dogs and used hoses and military tactics. This was the FIRST time the police beat people in front of everyone live on TV, and it shocked everyone that police could ever do that to Americans. But eventually people rationalized it by calling protests "leftist" even though the Hippies were crashing the Democratic national convention, not attending it.

Then came Sasha Shulgin who is known for "rediscovering" ecstasy. The first person to write about it thought it was a complete trash product because he was making something else and ecstasy came out on the side. But one of Shulgins college students told him about it, and he brought it in to the therapeutic and psychological community. later he wrote the books Pihkal and Tihkal, which would give the world HUNDREDS of more psychoactive drugs, and pathways for new drugs. Without him we would hardly understand the brain like we do. Modern ecstasy usually has one of the other things Shulgin invented in it and not actual MDMA, and many are just cut with the much different molecules Caffeine or Meth. If there were a place that made pills like vikadin and oxycontin are made, then it would be much safer. When Shulgin first made ecstasy it involved a laboratory and complex synthesis, now people use Piperonal which is obtained through peppercorns and just stop at MDA because it is easier to make, and some people like it more. Science advances more when we use things properly instead of letting random street dealers who want money make drugs for kids to buy because we want the comfort of calling it "illegal".

The drugs Shulgin made were called "Designer Drugs" because they are made by a designer, meaning, someone thought up the molecule and thought it would be real if they tried to make it (they would predict these things using molecular models, like the hexagons and stuff you saw in Chemistry class). What this inspired me to do is make "Designer Smells", so instead of taking MDMA and DMT and LSD and Mescaline and altering their structures, I want to take (and have predicted some structures) fragrances like Cinnemaldehyde, Lemonene, Damascone, etc. and create new molecules just like he did, so we can have smells that no one has ever smelled before in history.

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