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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Strange Abrahamic Relgions: Druze

I want to point out that a lot of people talk about peace in the Middle East, but then they act like Islam is the only thing out there, and like there are only 2 branches of Islam.

There are branches of Islam that are ancient. They are just Islamic now because they follow Islamic law. Islam spread first as a legal practice, where people who were not Muslim would pay taxes.

Here is a link to a group called the "Druze", they are considered a sect of Islam, but they practice things that go back all the way to Ancient Greek tradition. They are accepting of all religions and are willing to integrate into whatever religion takes over there people. This religion and the Yizidi religions are the type of things we should be focusing on. Shia + Druze is a much better deal than Sunni + Shia.

And if we can get something going like Shia + Druze + Yazidi +Bahai (Unity Religion) +Sunni

And if we would learn about things like "Sabians" it would make a lot more SENSE to get the people living in the middle east to get along with each other.

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