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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Indus Valley Civilization (Ancient Hindu Society)

(2,600 BC) the Indus Valley Civilization began to change. (Mature Harappan Phase)
one of the largest cities in the Indus Valley was Mohenjo-Daro.
Which is where the Pashupati Seal was found, which is the forerunner to the Hindu Shiva/Rudra and Greek Pan. We have no idea who the rulers of these people were (Shamans? Kings? Elders?) but it seems as if they considered animals to be godly, and the different tribes came together under the goat-ish God. As you can see, Pashupati was doing what eventually would be called "Yoga". These people had some of the first plumbing and city grids.
And the Indus Script, we have no idea what any of it says.
About 1,000 years later came the seal of King Shaushatar, which uses this same image of the wheel above the woman with her arms outstretched and animals around her. But that is getting ahead.

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