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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Ocean and Human Evolution

Around 37,000 BC the first people settle the Island we now call "Japan". These people at some time developed a relationsip with the dolphins, and started helping each other. The dolphins chase the fish in to the nets, and the fisherman give them a share of the fish.

Also, at some point the people of Japan found the puffer-fish which they call "fugu", and it is a delicacy. If prepared wrong (meaning if the liver of the fish is not removed completely), then a person could eat the fugu and die. Some people have been known to die for 3 days (no breathing, etc) then come back to life on the 3rd day. It has been found that dolphins actually play with puffer fish in order to get a "high" where they act funny. This may be how Japanese people originally discovered the effects of the puffer. Unless they found out by catching and eating one.
This is probably around the same time the first whales were Worshiped.

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