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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Origins of Thrones, Bread & Wine

 The world's oldest throne was held by a woman, in what is now Turkey. This is from 6,000 BC, which is 4,000 years before stonehenge. And in early Greek history there is the city of Troy (from the poems of Homer, but they have actually found the city in real life) which was said to be founded by the mother "Cybele". And there is something interesting about Cybele, (depicted 6,000 BCE) she sits in a throne that has two female lions heads as arm rests. And something that most people don't know about lions, the men are lazy and fight amongst each other, while the women use strategy and team work to hunt and raise generation after generation.
 Around this time (5000 BC) Wine making stared in Iran. Wine was probably the first source for the color red as a dye. This is the beginning of Fermentation, and before wine probably came Vinegar. Wine and Vinegar are made the same way, Vinegar is just what happens when you leave the top open or get contaminates. Wine is fermented Alcohol, Cheese is Fermented Milk (no yeast needed for that), Bread that is not flat contains yeast. Most people don't think of yeast this way, but this would have been the beginning of "Yeast farming" where they started breeding yeast for bread, wine & beer, and bred them all separate to give them separate qualities. Now a days there is Distiller's Yeast (the strongest alcohol maker), Champagne yeast (meant to make things bubble), Beer/Wine grade yeast & Bread yeast. All of them will make alcohol, just at different levels.
Modern Fermentation is not extremely different than it would have been back then. Just more sanitary now.
The left hand side shows a container with an air tight lit that allows bubbles to escape as CO2 is created. On the right is a figure showing a hose leading to a bowl of water to let bubbles out. If you don't let bubbles out, your container could explode.
Around this time the first carvings of scales appear in Egypt.
We all know about the British Kings and Queens, and we know that they have a throne and a crown, but do we known where these customs come from? Well, here is where the Throne comes from.
The simple stone above is known as "The Stone of Scone", and supposedly it is the stone from the Bible that Jacob slept on that gave him the dread of "Jacob's ladder". Why a stone that was supposed to be in Israel was in Scotland? No one knows. But this belief is so strong among the royal bloodlines that Britain has used this stone to coronation their Kings and Queens since they found it. There is a place for it under the throne. The British stole it from the Scottish and recently gave it back. They made a deal where Scotland is supposed to give it back to Britain for ceremonies, but either Scotland or Britain probably made a fake to give to the others.
But the history of the Stones is a strange and old one. Their are stones known as "Rocking Stones" in Scotland that are from the stone ages, and they seem to be some kind of weather indicator. As if the people were making "instruments" to measure glacial shift and other things after the Ice Age.
Strangely, similar structures can be found in Canada.
Then there is the "Dagon Stone". Dagon was a Philistine (Palestinian) God that was known for his affinity to Water and Fish. The stone has traditionally been used in wedding ceremonies.
Then there is the Granny Kempock stone, which also has traditionally been associated with Sailors and Marriage. This type of ancient standing stone altar thing, is call a "Menhir".

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