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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Types of Divination Pt 5: Omens and Chance

Cyclomancy is the use of Tops or Wheels or other spinning devices to make predictions. Similar to a Roulette Table, or the Hebrew Dreidel and even Spin the Bottle.

The idea that a "Black Cat is bad luck", and anything else that has to do with chance like that, is a form of Apantomancy. There is a branch of Apantomancy that specifically focuses on the chance meeting of animals, but you can also try to find things based on other random things found. When someone "finds a penny face up and it is good luck" that is Apantomancy. In Ancient Rome they would find random things and work themselves into a trance to find random meanings.

Cledonism is Divination by words, or the idea that words can be a sign of bad things to come. "Jinxing" an event by talking about it could be considered a form of Cledonism. Rumors also operate on this idea. Also words someone randomly speaks after a chance event could be considered important.

Fal-Gush is like Cledonism, but the reverse. If you have a question you need answered, you would hide somewhere near a sidewalk or sit on a bench that is not super visible like a Bus stop, and listen to what people say in their random conversations as they pass by in order to find answers to your questions.

Carromancy is burning a candle and watching the flame, or melting a bowl of wax and dumping it into water and looking for signs.

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