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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Types of Divination Pt 9: Animals

If you have a cat, people have for a long time used Cats to predict the weather, it is known as Ailuromancy. I don't personally have a cat so I have not watched one enough to see if this works the same as people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, who can predict storms, or if it is more random like dice. But people have been doing it for a long time. And if anyone tests it I would like to know what happens.

I am not claiming that any of these methods work, I am just sharing them because they exist and this is all going to come back around to astrology and ancient religion and how much cooler it was than Monotheism. Ceromancy is using Wax in Water in a Bowl, or by watching dripping wax on the side of a candle. It's almost Christmas, so candles should be burning soon.

Cromniomancy is divination by Onion, where you carve your question on an onion, or put it on an altar and ask it a question. Then watch the sprouting behavior. And people could have used anything, but across Europe, Africa and Asia they all used Onions, so maybe there is something to it. We have telephones now, but before telephones, this was a common way to try to find out what a traveling relative was up to. There are also some methods where you chop the Onion up and stuff instead of growing it.

Most people have probably heard of people who used Sheep and Bird livers in order to read the future. This was related to Astrology, because the liver was divided into different planetary alignments when they were read.

I am not finished with Divination yet, but speaking of Animal Divination, there is "Imbolc" which is the ancient version and precursor to Groundhogs day. When we look at the ground hog to find out how much winter is left, we are doing an ancient Divination tradition. And this year I will share things for that Holiday when it comes around.

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