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Monday, January 19, 2015

What Jesus Did

Many people don't realize this, but Jesus was actually a pretty good guy, even though the Christians can make him look really bad by attaching him to their beliefs. In the time of Jesus there were people known as "The Pharisees" and they spent their entire lives studying the Bible, they are comparable to Christian Apologists today. Christian Apologists are the modern Pharisees (A good example is +Nate Cunningham who claims he can answer any question with a roundabout bush beating answer) , they pretend that they know this word better than anyone else, and no Polytheist, or Muslim or Atheist could ever tell them different. But if Jesus came, he would say to them "God is my father, you don't know him like I do". And that is what Jesus said to the Pharisees

The Pharisees were so confident that they knew Gods words that they thought they were the ones who got to dispense God's words, but Jesus came to them and said "Fuck your rules, I work on Sundays", then he said "Fuck your tables, you can't make money in church". Yes, I am paraphrasing, but this is what happened.

Then a lot of people think "Judas betrayed Jesus" but Judas did not betray Jesus, Jesus TOLD Judas to betray him. He was like "One of you here will betray me" then he was kind of like "It's you Judas", then Judas was like "What, me??!?!?" then he went and snitched because Jesus said he would. So basically Jesus ASKED Judas to snitch.

You might think "Why would Jesus ask Judas to snitch", and the reason is because they were starting a revolutionary underground movement, and Rome wanted to kill all of them. So if Jesus gave up his life, the Empire would think that they had beaten down the little revolution, but Jesus knew his people would carry it on.

If ANYONE reading this thinks that Jesus wanted to die, and knew it was his time to die, and God set it forth for him years if not millennia before the event, then why does the Bible say that when Jesus was on the cross he was saying "Why have you forsaken me, in your heart forsaken me, in your mind forsaken me" etc. That sounds like a guy who was not finished with his plans when they put him up there.

I just feel like someone needs to do this because the Atheists suck at life. I am calling out all the Pharisees.

Pharisee +Nate Cunningham 
Pharisee +G Man
Pharisee +VEKL
Pharisee +NephilimFree
Pharisee +Jason Burns

This is not all of them, but it's a good list to start with. They know the book, but I know God. And God really does not like that book they call the Bible.

If they do not respond, I will have won them (that is a Jason Burns joke)

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