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Friday, March 6, 2015

Earth Unlocked

Abrahamic religions have killed probably millions of people for thousands of years to hide these things from regular people. If you can't use it yourself, share this with someone who has kids to raise or teach.

Many people don't even realize this but the "Alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Latin Alphabet, Alpha and Beta. In most ancient Languages the Alphabet was also the Number system, it was not until Roman Numerals that the Number systems and the spelling systems became distinct. When people say "The Alpha and the Omega" they are saying A-Z and 1-800

If you break down the Greek and Hebrew Alphabets with Ancient Pythagorean Math, then put the modern English Alphabet in you get this sequence.

1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

And you can do some cool things with this sequence. First there is Gemetria, here is how Gemetria works. My 10 year old brother who is passed was named Mason, so if I wanted to do some Gemetria using his name I would do. M=40 A=1 S=100 O=60 N=50 and this comes to a value of 251. Now, if the number 251 were to be the value of any other word, Gemetria would say that these 2 words are connected. For example, the value of the word "Mason" can be rearranged to form the word "Marijuahngel". That is just a random example, but once you start breaking down words you can start making up words that have values of other words in them. And that is how Gods are made and things are named.

Abraxas. For this name the Greek table is used. Abraxas in Greek is Ἀβραξας. Α = 1, β = 2, ρ = 100, α = 1, ξ =60, α = 1, ς = 200, the sum being 365, the number of days in the year. This number furnishes the key to the mystery of Abraxas, who is symbolic of the 365 Æons, or Spirits of the Days, gathered together in one composite personality. Abraxas is symbolic of five creatures, and as the circle of the year actually consists of 360 degrees, each of the emanating deities is one-fifth of this power, or 72, one of the most sacred numbers in the Old Testament of the Jewish people and in their Qabbalistic system.
Just to keep it interesting for everyone, I will break down the values of a few common words that people use today.

F=6 A=1 C=3 E=5 B=2 O=60 O=60 K=20 which totals 156

T=200 E=5 L=30 E=5 V=400 I=9 S=100 I=9 O=6 N=50 which totals 775

S=100 T=200 A=1 R=90 B=2 U=300 C=3 K=20 S=100 which totals 726

United States
U=300 N=50 I=9 T=200 E=5 D=4 S=100 T=200 A=1 T=200 E=5 S=100 which totals 1165

Then, once you are good with Isopsephy and Gemetria, you can do Zairja. Zairja is where you break down a word, then plug it into an Algebra equation to see what comes out the other end. For example, Mason is M=40 A=1 S=100 O=60 N=50, so you could do something like M(A+S) + (O-N) This would be 40(1 + 100) + (60-50) which is 40 x 101 = 4,040 + 10 = 4,050
Then with the number value 4,050 you can make up all kinds of words, or even a sentence or paragraph.
When I say "Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity" you probably automatically think of "That guy who had an apple fall on his head". When we were little, they told us that he discovered gravity when an apple fell on his head, and we all are like "That makes sense" because we are kids, then we get older and it is just how we think it happened. This is not actually how it happened. Gravity is not just simply the idea that "Things Fall" gravity is slightly more complex than that. Gravity explains how the moon controls the tides of the ocean, Gravity explains that 2 things fall at the same rate, Gravity explains that the planets are slightly attracted to each other, and massively attracted to the sun. And now we know that Gravity is different on the moon than it is on Earth.

Sasha Shulgin invented over 200 different Medical Drugs that allowed us to learn all the things about Serotonin, and 5-HTP receptors that we know today, and a large portion of what he did was add "Methyl" groups to natural compounds. To methylate something, you put it in Methanol and when it attaches it adds a Methyl group.

Below is a representation where I tried to draw what a Glycine molecule might look like after it was Methylated. Methylation is just like making an Ester, but you specifically use Methanol as your Alcohol for the Ester. Methylation is another option that can be done to TONS of things, which will allow new smells to be made on and on, pretty much forever.

Acetic Acid can also be added to pretty much anything to create its Acetate form, I have not drawn any of those yet either. And Ethanol is also another specific Alcohol that makes Esters that have not been drawn here yet.

Adding an Acetoxy group is something else Sasha Shulgin did to Natural compounds. I do not understand it completely yet, but it seems as if you Oxidize something (Like how rust is made) this can be done with Hydrogen Peroxide and other Oxygen rich molecules. Then make the Acetal form after that.
Here are DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, they are probably the most well known example of a natural compound and its Methylated form. But both of them are natural compounds.,N-Dimethyltryptamine

4-AcO-DMT is the Acetoxy form of DMT.

Methanol has 1 Carbon, so it adds the "Methyl" group, but regular drinking Alcohol is known as "Ethanol" and it has 2 Carbons. So if you attach a drinking Alcohol molecule to something, it becomes its "Ethyl" form. Ethyl means it has 2 carbons.

Propane has 3 Carbons, and this makes the "Propyl" group, for example Isopropyl Alcohol/Rubbing Alcohol.

Saturn = Saturday = Lead = Astronomical symbol for Saturn
Sun = Sunday = Gold = Sun symbol.svg
Moon = Monday = Silver = Moon symbol
Mars = Tuesday = Iron = Astronomical symbol of Mars
Mercury = Wednesday = Mercury = Astronomical symbol of Mercury
Jupiter = Thursday = Tin = Astronomical symbol of Jupiter
Venus = Friday = Copper = The Venusian symbol, a circle with a small equal-armed cross beneath it

Aries, the Ram = April = Amethyst =
Taurus, the Bull = May= Agate =
Gemini, the Twins = June = Beryl =
Cancer, the Crab= July = Emerald =
Leo, the Lion= August = Ruby =
Virgo, the Virgin = September = Jasper =
Libra, the Balance = October = Diamond =
Scorpio, the Scorpion = November = Topaz =
Sagittarius, the Archer = December = Carbuncle =
Capricorn, the Goat = January = Onyx Chalcedony =
Aquarius, the Waterbearer = February = Sapphire =
Pisces, the Fishes = March  = Chrysolite =

In Ancient Egypt they created a 365 day Calendar, the way they did this was by creating a small Wall to act as a fake Horizon, "Horus" was of the Horizon and Set was involved in the "Sun Set" as the one who brought the Sun down for it to do battle in the Underworld. They would create a mark on the fake Horizon every day, and the Sun actually moves slightly across the Horizon throughout the year, and at the end of a 365 day cycle, the Sun starts over.

They also had the Goddess Sheshat, who was the Goddess of Record Keeping and Measurement. Ropes were important to her followers, and they were the ones who would measure the ground before the buildings would start building. Egyptians also invented the first Cranes used for Building.

They also had the Nileometer, which was like an underground tower that would fill up with Water, and they would use it to measure how much water was in the Nile, then they could make the right irrigation paths and store enough water in artificial lakes to water the crops all year.
This is also where the Constellations come from. Aquarius and Taurus and Pisces and Libra and Leo and Scorpio, etc. Aren't random, those are the starts the Sun passes through, and those give us the names of our months.

Then there was Horus who represented the Horizon, but he was the planet Mars. They figured out the Cycle of Mars just like the Sun, and they also had the Moon's Cycles (And Moon Cycles give the lengths of our Months) and the Cycles of various planets. Even the Jewish Nomads knew about some of the Planets, they called Mars "The Blushing One". And in Christianity the 7 known planets of the time can be found in the Ancient Greek Christian Gnostic idea of "The 7 Heavens" which represented the "Bodies in the Heavens" or "Planets". Some people like to say "They Planets were named after the Gods, the Gods weren't named after the planets" but that would only be true if Greece and Rome discovered the planets independently, but Greece found them first and showed them to Rome. And Egypt and Sumeria actually found them first. The 7 Heavenly bodies can still be found in our days of the week "Sun day" for the Sun, "Mon Day" for the Moon, etc.
The moon is what gives us the length of our months, there are about 12 full moons a year.

A lot of people see statues of Zeus now a days and think that Ancient people thought Zeus threw lightning bolts at them, but before people knew about Gravity and the Atmosphere, they thought the Planets controlled the weather and it was specifically thought that Jupiter (Zeus) controlled the Lightning.

Crown = Violet = Clear Quartz
Third Eye = Indigo = Amethyst
Throat = Blue = Sodalite
Heart = Green = Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus = Yellow = Citrine
Sacral = Orange = Carnelian
Root = Red = Hematite

One aspect of time that used to be common but has mostly been lost are "Kairos" and "Chronos". Chronos time is like "A watched pot never boils" and Kairos time is like "Time flies when you are having fun". So you can cause time Dialation just by accident 

Eostre is a Month and Goddess who was celebrated by Mushroom worshipers. The first decorated Eggs can be found 6,000 years ago in Africa made out of Ostrich eggs and Christians adopted the practice as a symbol of Christ's resurrection, and dyed them red to represent his blood. Rabbits were thought to be able to reproduce without losing their virginity, so they became associated with the Virgin Mary.
The Bible says not to be afraid of the Pagans and their indoor trees, lol
Jeremiah 10:1-25 ESV
Hear the word that the Lord speaks to you, O house of Israel. Thus says the Lord: “Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens because the nations are dismayed at them, for the customs of the peoples are vanity. A tree from the forest is cut down and worked with an axe by the hands of a craftsman. They decorate it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so that it cannot move. Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field, and they cannot speak; they have to be carried, for they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil, neither is it in them to do good.”
Here is the kind of religion the 3 Kings would have been from:
If you want to see how Christmas spread to Rome, here is the link:
A lot of people think that when people say "Mithras" it means that the person saying it believes in the Zeitgeist and you think Jesus is Horus and blah blah blah. That is not this. Other people like to say "The Red and White comes from Coca Cola" but Santa was not made by Coca Cola, Saint Nicholas was a Christian Saint who was from Turkey. And Turkey was central to the Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires, so there is TONS of hidden stuff in Turkish Islam, because people converted to Christianity and Islam but they kept their old customs.
Mithras was a Popular God in various Cultures, in Zoroastrianism he is known as Mica, in Hinduism he is known as Mitra and there is a form of him pretty much everywhere. He was the God of Promises and Contracts, so he was the widespread God of Marriage and Gift Giving. The Entire Spirit of Mithras is to Give and Share and Promise and Keep Promises.
In Europe specifically, it was popular to decorate a tree in the woods, then wait for the Mushrooms to "Hatch". Below you will see a picture of a closed mushroom, an open mushroom and Mithras. The closed mushroom was known as "The Cosmic Egg" and the Open Mushroom was Mithras. The Mushroom popping open is where the whole idea of "Opening Presents" comes from, and the Decorated Pine tree is a Mithras Tree, no matter what you call it.
This Mushroom is also probably where "Flying Reindeer" come from, because the Reindeer eat these mushrooms then they prance around, and at that time people collect their Urine to drink it. Amanita Miscaria Mushrooms can make you feel kinda sick, unless you Cook it at the right temp or "Decarboxylize" it. This is why they wait for the Reindeer to eat it, because then it is already Decarbozylized.

This season is a Time of Sharing, Giving and Mushrooms. And if you take Mushrooms you will probably want to Give and Share, so everyone should probably try Mushrooms.

This Religion spread around the Ancient World and it was almost a standard God in the various Religions of the Ancient world. It was a Mystery School and today you can still see the Mithraic Pratices in a Bull Fight, where the Bull Fighter will wave a Red Cape in front of a Bull.

There are a few Symbols for Mithras that still exist today. As mentioned before, the Christmas tree and December 25th are both Mithraic, as well as Bull fighting. This does not mean Jesus is Mithras, they are both individual Gods, with individual religions. But the reason these symbols exist and the God "Mithras" is not claimed by these people is because of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The Roman empire conquered MANY Mithraic people, and eventually Mithraism even became the official state religion of the Roman Empire, and all Emperors went through the Mithraic Mystery System.

One of the Symbols for Mithras is the Sun-like Star, and the Colors Red, Green and White. The Ottoman Empire was Muslim, but they were Conquering Mithraic people. So there are many small Muslim groups that still practice Mithraism because even though they were Conquered by Muslims they kept practicing Mithraism. An example of this is the Kurds, who use a Mithraic star to symbolize their People.

Another symbol is the J shaped knife of the Oman people. Mithras was known for killing a Bull, which is usually how he is depicted in any statue. And his iconic knife was a J shaped knife that he would use to slit the throat of the bull. In the Middle eastern country known as "Oman" the men there are given J shaped knives to show that they are adults.

There was an Ancient Egyptian Frog Goddess known as "Heget", she was considered magic because frogs would come during the flood time, and flood time was when Nile worship benefited a person, since it would water your crops for you. And you might attribute that to your proper worship, which some people did.

Heget later became "Hecate" who is the Goddess of Magic. Hecate is known to have a Torch sometimes and a thorny crown sometimes.

And if you Google "Mithras Symbol Torch Whip Crown" you will see that the torch and the Thorny crown are connected in not only one culture but various cultures...

Now, have you ever wondered why the statue of Liberty is Green? It was an accident due to the copper right?

I don't think it was an accident. The statue of Liberty is green like a frog Goddess should be, she is holding a torch like Hecate/Heget, and she is wearing a Helios crown aka Thorny Crown aka Crown like the Sun.

The Statue of Liberty is Heget frog Goddess of the Flood water.
Here is a Tarot Guide for anyone that wants it, a Tarot Deck and a Card Deck actually have the same cards. The Spade is Swords, the Club is Wands, the Diamond is Coins and the Heart is Chalices. And they have enough cards if you have jokers I am pretty sure. The Joker is the fool, the Prince is the Magician, etc. And again, Spade is Sword, Club is Wand, etc.
I am not suggesting that this 100% works, I am just giving everyone the choice to learn about it and try it.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a UK organization that inspired the creators of American traditions such as Wicca or Thelma. The three founders, William Robert Woodman, William Wynn Westcott, and Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, were all Freemasons and Rosicrucians.
The Golden Dawn, by Israel Regardie is still used by people all over the world to learn about Mystery Traditions.

Cyclomancy is the use of Tops or Wheels or other spinning devices to make predictions. Similar to a Roulette Table, or the Hebrew Dreidel and even Spin the Bottle.
Isopsephy is the the practice of turning letters into numbers, and then assigning numerical values to words by adding up the letters, or hiding messages in this way.

Gematria is a similar Jewish practice, to do it, you would do Isopsephy, then any words that have the same numerical value would be considered to be "similar" or "related". Also, if the number appears more than once, it may indicate a date, age. year, etc. For example, the word "Alive" in Hebrew has a value of 18, making 18 a lucky number.

The modern version of Isopsephy and Gematria is known as Arithmancy.

A little more complicated is a system invented by the people who invented Algebra is known as Zairja. They invented a Mechanical way to generate ideas. They assumed that if you asked a question properly, found the numerical value of the question, then "Solving for X" as you would in Algebra, in order to reform the question into new ideas or even answers. They would do this with hundreds of lines of words and create entirely new ideas.

Tarot cards became what we now call playing Cards, and that Playing cards became what we know as gambling. Something that branched off from this is "Cartomancy" which is Divination not based on Tarot, but actually based on the card deck itself. Just like how playing cards can be used for Tarot, Tarot cards can be used for Cartomancy.

A much more random form of Divination is Gyromancy, which involves putting letters on stones or wood in a circle. Then walking around and paying attention to what letters you trip over, do this until you get dizzy and it is even more random. And you are supposed to continue until a message can be deciphered, or death/madness stop you.

A more simple but still random form of Divination is Geomancy, which can use soil, rocks, sand or dice. It just involves looking at the patterns and counting things, then matching them up with different set meanings. Similar to the I-Ching and the different methods that go with it. This is actually a method that can be used with the I-Ching.

And speaking of the I-Ching, there is Bibliomancy, which is Divination using books. Bibliomancy probably started when people hid messages in texts like the Gnostics, and when people found messages from the past in the writings, later, other people would look for messages from the future in the texts.

And, these forms of Divination were also warped into Gambling in a way that is still used today. You have probably heard of chicken bones, or stones, or dice, or drawing straws or "casting lots". All of these are forms of Cleromancy.
A more modern and specific method of Catoptromancy is known as Psychomanteum, where you sit in a comfortable chair and look into a mirror that is only showing you the reflection of a dark space. It is meant to help you communicate with the dead. so this would be mixing Catoptromancy & Necromancy.
Then there is the interpretation of dreams, which is similar to Scrying and Necomancy, but it is more about inventing the future than learning about it. In ancient Egypt they had a book that is now translated into English and is called "Behind closed Eyes: Dreams and Nightmares in Ancient Egypt" which is all about dream interpretation. Then there is the Ancient Greek book called the Oneirocritica which was the Greek dream interpretation book.
Back when people knew the names of plants instead of Roads, and Animals instead of Cars. The time before GPS, and even before the Gas Station map, there was the practice of Rhabdomancy which you can still use if you are in the woods or on a random walk. The way it works is, if you have some kind of walking stick, or Pencil/Pen, or something, you just drop the stick and whatever direction it points you go. If you are in the woods and have nothing else, use a small bundle of sticks and go where most of them are pointing. This also branches into "Dowsing" where people use sticks to find water.

Belomancy is a much more specific form of Rhabdomancy where a quiver of arrows is marked with symbols like a tarot deck. Sometimes they would mark the arrows with Phrases like "God commands me" and "God Forbids me" and a Blank arrow, then they would go with whatever hit closest to the middle. This practice was even used by Biblical characters. Belomancy was also used like Rhabdomancy, were you drop an arrow and go wherever it points.
Until fairly recently in History, reading was not something everyone could do. Reading was something that only people with money and time learned how to do, which is why when someone learned to read they used that skill wisely. But you still have to educate people who can't read and write, and they have to be able to get things across. For example, how would someone know what town they were headed to? Or where to buy bread? They used symbols.

The word "Symbol" is similar to the word "Symmetry", Symmetry means "The same on both sides". Symbol means 2 different things that have the same meaning. Like how "+" means "plus" or "=" means "equals", these are symbols. Another example is the Bald Eagle which America uses as a symbol of itself, Benjamin Franklin said that the Turkey was much more like an American, but they chose the Eagle. Another example is the symbols for Female () and Male ().

Ancient Religion was an Education System, if you look at Isaac Newton's studies he was supposedly Christian, but he was using Alchemical Planetary science and Ancient Planetary everything. That is how he discovered Gravity. Gravity was not just an Apple falling on a guys head and him saying "Things fall", he imagined the Planets and the Moon and the Sun had unseen effects on the Earth, and Gravity was a constant force in all things.

Then there are Gears and Cogs. Machinery itself is a Hidden Reflection of the planets, below is a picture of the Antikythera Mechanism which has been dated to 100 BC, and it is thought to be a type of Automaton machine that measured the stars and the planets. 

Then we have all heard of things like the Sextant.
The Naked Man Orchid looks like a naked man with his junk hanging out, and I can't find any lore behind it, but they are widely distributed around the Mediterranean, so there should be something, they are most likely a fertility symbol of Spring.
The Tree of Life (opposite the tree of Knowledge) in Ancient Egypt was the Acacia Tree. This Tree was known for not being able to catch fire easily, and for a strange development that came along between Acacia trees in Africa and Ants. The tree feeds the Ants with weird little drops that come out of it, and then the ants will protect it while they live on the tree. This was probably extremely important to early human understanding of cooperation and nation.The Bark also contains DMT, which is part of human/animal brains, as well as many other plants apart from the Acacia.
Most people have probably read or seen Harry Potter, and in that movie there was a plant known as "Mandrake" that looked like a baby and screamed, and if anyone heard it they would be petrified to death. This was an real myth about the Mandrake plant in real life. The plant's roots look like a little person, with arms and legs and the plant is like its hair. And in Ancient Europe they actually believed that the plant screamed when it was pulled up and it could give them a curse, so they would tie a dog to the plant while they covered their ears so that the dog would get the curse. Mandrake plants are still grown as part of different rituals by people all over the world, there are even websites that sell seeds and tell you what planets each plant is related to and things like that. People used to grow plants based on Planetary movements instead of the Sun, and different plants do have different cycles that match up with different things.
The Fig Tree is well known from the Bible and other middle Eastern religions, and this is because figs were the first plant to actually be farmed by human beings and it started in the middle east. There is a bug known as a Fig Wasp whose life cycle is based on the fig tree, it lives on the fig tree, uses its fruit and if the fig wasps were not there the tress would die because fig trees do not send out pollen. So Fig wasps may have actually taught us how to farm.
The Ancient Greeks named this flower after a Bumble Bee, and we still call it the Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid.
SnapDragon is a plant whose seed pods look like skulls. For some reason in Western Culture, skeletons are always the bad guys, you never see them doing anything good in anything, but in most places (even Mexico) skeletons are viewed a lot differently, almost even as a celebration of the dead. SnapDragon flowers are said to look like a Dragon opening and closing its mouth, but not as much as the seed pods look like skulls.

The Monkey Orchid looks like a Monkey's face.
The Flying Duck Orchid looks like a Duck, and bugs try to have sex with it.
Aryuveda is the Hindu system of Medicine, and it is not about curing illness but making sure your body is healthy to start with so it does not get sick. Kind of like "An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away". For example, in India every Spring they have the Holiday known as "Holi" where they throw Colored Pigments everywhere, they are all colors and they get all over everyone so everyone is rainbow colored. These Plant Pigments are actually medicine, and they help people not get sick in the coming season by boosting the immune system. They also have all kinds of plants that support healthy urine flow and teas that can help with coughing and all kinds of stuff. They didn't know about Phytochemicals and Terpenes when they figured this stuff out, but they did figure it out. This also gets in to Incense and Perfume, Incense has always been associated with Religion, even Jesus was called "Christ" which means "The Anointed One" as in "Anointed with Oils".

Religion used to be about creating Scientific and Social structures that could be passed down and taught to the next generation. Above is the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" Mnemonic that helps people remember "North East South West" so they can find just 1 direction and know all 4 once they know 1. This is what Polytheism does, it ties things together so that you can remember things and do things. 

We will be breeding plants together. The Mint Family and the Pepper family can be found in Religion as things like Kava Kava or Salvia Divinorum or Dittany of Crete, and I want to create some Intergentic Hybrids of these Religious plants and their relatives, so that we can create entirely new plants that have never existed before. 

Then, Using extractions of Terpenes and Resins from Religious Plants and Intergenetic Hybrids, we will make Perfume and Incense.

Above are pictures of a Wine smell wheel and a Beer Flavor wheel, these are examples of a modern type of Dionysus chart. Dionysus was the God of Wine, and there were also Goddesses of Beer (They were usually Goddesses and Fermenting was compared to Child Gestation). The temple will be trying to create things like this for Marijuana and other plants that have smells and Flavors, so that people can be more professional and defined about their overall experiences with these things. We will make and give away different kinds of Religious Teas and Ceremonial Wines and things like that.

Here is a website where you can trade plants now, as well as a guide for how to make your own plant Strain.

We will also promote the reading of various religious texts, as well as charity work and we will help people all around the world find their Gods and create Polytheistic Temples.

Rudra is one of Shiva's main incarnations. The word "Shiva" literally means "Kind", and Shiva only exists when Rudra is in the act of being Shiva.

This may seem confusing, but Rudra himself is associated with the Rudraksha Mala which will help explain this. You have probably seen a necklace that looks like this.

These Orange beads are actually seeds from a plant. They are considered important because if you can hold a necklace made of these and consider it more important than a necklace made of Gold, you have opened up doors to the world you otherwise would not have. India is where the art of carving Diamonds was perfected, and these beads are a good representation of a main idea in Hinduism. These beads/seeds have many "faces" just like a diamond and just like the Gods.
Hinduism has many Gods that are one God, this is how when you say "Shiva the Destroyer" you can be talking about a good guy, because Creation and Destruction are the same God. You can not create a necklace without destroying some seeds, you can not unlock a diamond without taking tools to it, and you can not have humanity without changing the old in to something new.

According to Myth Shiva must have his eyes on the Universe at all times or it will fall in to Darkness. So Parvati (A Form of his Wife Kali) covered his eyes to try to bring him out of a Meditation, and a 3rd one opened on his forehead. His left and right eyes represent his activities on Earth, while his 3rd Eye represents the activity of his spiritual wisdom and it can see beyond the apparent to destroy Evil.

In another Myth, Shiva is in deep Meditation over the death of his wife, and the God of Love and Desire shoots him with and Arrow to try to bring him out of it. This assault opened Shiva's third eye, and it burned the God of Desire to Ashes.

The 3rd Eye allows him to burn desire (and pretty much anything) to ashes, this is what has earned him the Title "Shiva the Destroyer".

The story of Shiva is meant to teach us not to desire. Shiva stays away from desire, because he knows that when the object of desire is gone there will be great sorrow and rage developed. In the case of these myths, it was his wife.

Your "3rd Eye" is your Pineal Gland in your Brain, and when you close your eyes it releases Melatonin so you can sleep. When you meditate Melatonin is also released.
A lot of people do not realize this, but Marijuana is something that has been tied to Hindu culture for around 4,000 years. "Hindu" started in the "Indus Valley", you can still see this is the name "Hindu" it just just "Indus" with an "H" on the beginning and no "S" at the end.

The Indus Valley is where the Rig Veda was written, and the Rig Veda is the oldest Hindu text. The entire book is dedicated to the Gods Indra and Rudra and the many forms they take, and one the main Gods they take the form of is Shiva.

According to Myth, Shiva was walking in a Celestial Desert and he was getting hot and wanted to sleep, so he found shade under a Marijuana plant and slept. Then when he woke, he was so grateful to the plant that he sent it down to live on Earth. The Marijuana plant is in and of itself the very representation of Shiva on Earth. A Marijuana plant is to Shiva what a Crucifix is to Jesus.

You may be thinking "Well that is just an ancient story, that doesn't mean that getting high is part of their religion" and if you are thinking that, you are very mistaken. Marijuana is not just part of their ancient tradition, but also the modern religion, And not only are College kids or other people outside the main culture of their country smoking, it is everyone. There is a Holiday in India known as "Holi", and "Holi" might actually be where the term "Holiday"/"Holi-Day" comes from. On Holi, they will get tons of Marijuana out, and a bunch of people use their extra leaves and nugs to make Marijuana Milk by letting the Plant Material sit in Milk.

A lot of people think that going to Christianity is the "Moral" path. The only thing they see besides Christianity is Islam, but that is just because the Media likes to make things look like a Football game. "Police VS Rioters" or "Christianity VS Islam" or "Democrats VS Republicans" or "Terror VS Us". But these are all false dichotomies.
The book below is from the Kemetic Religion. It was written by a man who was (Supposedly) 110 years old named Ptahhotep. He lived his life and his son was about to become a Ruler, so he decided write this book so that Rulers would have a guide. And in my opinion if people had been reading this since it was written, we would have been a lot better off as a species.
The Egyptian "Everlasting God" is Ma'at, Ma'at holds the Universe together and she represents Balance, Justice and Truth. She can also be considered "The Singularity" before the Big Bang, because according to what Ma'at is, all of the Universe is actually one thing. Earth, Mars and Pluto are not separate in essence, only in physical form. We all came from one thing, and we are all one thing acting together.
I just wanted to point out what Ma'at was, because in the book Ma'at literally can be switched out for any God if you so choose, because Ma'at is the constant in the Universe that does not change, no matter how much you try to change it.
Chrstians also like to say "All the other Gods came out of Heaven, our God made heaven" but that is also something that started in Egypt.

We have all heard of the child King of Ancient Egypt "King Tut", but why is he remembered? Is it just because he was a child king? That is definitely not the reason.

Akhenaten was KingTut's dad, and he was Pharaoh before King Tut. He decided that he was God, so he renamed himself "Amenhotep" (Amen is an Ancient Egyptian God, weird that Christians say his name at the end of their prayers). And after changing his name, he had all of the scribes go around Egypt covering up the names of different Gods and changing them to "Aten", who was another God. So he made it where they only Worshiped one God, then he told everyone that HE was that God. In later Egyptian records, historians referred to him as "The Enemy" even though they were from the same Kingdom as him.

King Tut came after his father and restored the Ogdoad. Basically, restored Science to Ancient Egypt. When Egyptians worshiped the Nile they were using "Nileometers" to measure the height of the waters, then doing pretty amazing math to figure out what the volume of the river would be during flood season, and then digging ditches to move the Nile.

When they worshiped the Sun, they were making walls that worked as fake Horizons, so they could make marks on the top of the wall and see how the sun was moving across the sky slowly throughout the year.

The "Ogdoad" and the Temples of the Major Gods simply represent different "Sciences" or "Arts".

You have maybe heard of a Cornerstone. A Cornerstone is the first stone put down for a structure and usually it is used as a Time Capsule. In the past, they would actually bury dead people in the cornerstone, and then the building would be made in honor of that person. You can still find old Churches in the UK and other parts of Europe where Knights and Priests are buried and they are said to be haunting those places still.

You can still put someone's ashes in a cornerstone, and when we build the first true Polytheistic temple and not just rent a space, I will put my brother's ashes (he died when he was 10) in the cornerstone. Other people who are part of the Temple can also be part of any structure we build if they happen to pass.

I have also grown a few plants with my brother's ashes in the soil, and there is an apple tree with his ashes under it and it is commemorated to him. We will offer services like this to members of the Temple, and we can even make strains of different plants that are based on Family lines.

When people think of a "Soul", they usually think of some Magic force inside of you that God takes to heaven. So any time you hear the word "Soul", you think it must be similar to what Christians imagine. But Christianity was kind of made up "on the fly" and isn't even as intricate as Judaism, the Ancient Egyptians had a much more intricate and realistic version of the Soul.

The Eye of Horus/The Eye of Wadjet was important to the dead. The symbol was meant to protect, as well as to Symbolize the 6 Senses, being Taste, Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Thought.

The first example of the Soul is the Shadow which they called Sheut. They would make Statues and Silhouettes to preserve the Shadow after death. It was believed that your Shadow was your connection to the Afterlife.
Your name, known as a "Ren" in Ancient Egypt, was another aspect of Soul. It was believed that as long as a name was spoken, the person's Soul was still alive in some way. And the more a person's name was written the better, because then it had more chances of surviving and being read and spoken.
The Ka is the vital essence of a person. This would be the life Spark in someone that would determine if they were alive or dead. Now adays we would point to "Brain Dead" as the point of the Ka being gone.
The Egyptians did not value the brain like we do, they believed that the Heart was the seat of the body, since it flows to all parts. the Heart was known as "Ib", most of our ideas about Hearts being important for things comes from Egypt. Later, European people would think the Liver was the most important, which is why it is called the "Live-er". In German it is something like "Lifer".
"Ba" is similar to the idea of a person's personality and what makes them unique. Anything could have a "Ba", such as an Instrument. If you have a relationship with a Car, Gun, or a Golf Club, or Whatever, then it probably has a "Ba" and you have maybe even given it a Ren. People who smoke Marijuana give their Pipes/Bongs Ren and people try to choose them for their Ba, they just don't use those terms. The Ba was not considered different from the person, and this is the part of a person that you can see in your dreams. Even after a person is dead, and no longer part of this world, their personality or uniqueness can still persist in the family and friends of the person. The Ba is almost impossible to compare to the Christian idea of soul, the ideas are SO different that when Christianity came to Egypt, they had to use the word Psyche to get them to understand the Christian soul. The Ba is a much more physical real thing, and you can still see the other person's Ba in your dreams after they die.
The word "Ba" for Soul was the same as the word "Ba" for Ram, so it was common to depict dead people and Gods with Horns to show their Soul aspect. This ideaology is also the reason most Ancient religions allowed people to Sacrifice Rams for their sins.
Akh is your living intellect, or maybe what we would now call your "Mind" or maybe what the Greeks would call "Ego". If you have ever taken Mushrooms and looked in the Mirror and realized that whatever "You" are is not a body (this is known as Ego Loss), then you have experienced your Akh. It was believed that after death, the Ba and the Ka would come together and reform the Akh. And there was a perceived risk that the Akh could die again.
Akhenaten was a very hated Pharaoh because he believed he was Gods representative on Earth and changed the Egyptian religion, his son is King Tut, who restored the Planets as the Gods. The priests set his ghost to wander the Desert, and people still claim to meet him out there.
Bat was an Egyptian Goddess, and it is thought that her name is the Feminine aspect of a person's soul. She was one of the first Goddesses in Egypt, and is depicted with 2 heads as a representation of the Upper and Lower kingdom as 1, or as 2 Banks of the Nile, or as the Past and the Future. The Sistrum (below) is a musical instrument that was associated with her, and it was shaped like an Ankh.

Bast was the Cat/Lioness Goddess, as well as the Goddess of Music, Joy, Love, Dance and Protection. Her name contains the word for "Soul" with a Femenine Suffix, and She is is also seen holding a Sistrum. Cats were praised for their ability to kill mice and rats, as well as snakes. The snake "Apep" was thought to do battle with the Sun during the night, and Bast was known for battling Apep.
The Ankh is the symbol in ancient Egypt that looks like the Christian cross, but with a loop on top. It is known as "The Key of Life". This symbol is held by pretty much every God in Egyptian art. No one is sure what it means now, but the symbol was very common in Ancient Egypt and the symbol was used for an important ceremony every year. The Pharoah was not actually a person in Egypt, the "Par'Oh" was the main Palace, and in this Palace you could find different priests and priestesses, as well as Sacred Animals. One of these animals was the Apis bull. This bull was treated like a King all year, then during the Apis ceremony, they would put a Sun Disk on the Bull's head, and this along with the Bull's horns would make the shape of an Ankh. It is possible that the Ankh is a Representation of the Sun and the Moon, and possibly even the Sun and the Moon and a Shadow, which would make it an Eclipse. Sometimes the Sun Disk can be seen on the Heads of Gods and Goddesses, along with a partial moon. Measuring the sky was pretty much the most important thing in the world to ancient Egyptians, so being able to predict when the Sun and the Moon would do things, would have been important. Even today we are mesmerized, as a species, by eclipses. And the Shadow created by the Eclipse was probably seen as something like the Sun's Soul.

The Greeks, Egyptians and others did not actually think that there were magic Gods in the sky, an example of this are the words "Mentor" and "Nemesis", we still use these words today, but they are the words of ancient Goddesses. Mentor was a representative of Athena in your life, and Nemesis was everyone thinking you were weird if you didn't do rituals like they did. Basically the same as when someone stops going to church everyone wants to talk trash about them in the church community, that was the Ancient Greek "Nemesis". Then there is the Goddess Mnemosyne, which is where the modern word "Mnemonic" comes from.
"Mnemonic Device"
Mnemosyne was the "Mother" of the "Muses" aka "The Arts".
We think of Zeus as a magic man in the sky with a beard and lightning bolts, but that is not what the Greeks thought. To them Zeus was the Planet Jupiter, and Jupiter was associated with a month, that month was associated with different seasonal customs, etc. Mneumonics were important to ancient societies.
This can still be found in the modern "Farmer's Almanac" which will tell you where the planets are, where the moon is, when the sun will rise, etc. So that you know when to plant, when to harvest, etc.
And there were "Mimesos" who used "mīmēma" to "Mimic" the Gods, and we got "Actors".
In Medieval Times, they used the "Guidonian Hand" as a Mnemonic device for Singers. Our hands have always been Mnemonic devices, for counting and other things. 
The Greeks also liked "Symmetry" which is where the word "Symbol" comes from. Symmetry means equal on both sides, "Symbol" means that it is something that shows equal qualities on both sides. Ex: America uses the symbol of the Eagle to try to show what qualities they want the word to see.
They were also interested in "Chirality", which is like your hands, where they are the same, aka "Polar Opposites". Like the Mythical creature the "Chimera"
And ancient people thought of the "Soul" differently than we do today (as said before in this post). In ancient Greece the soul went right along side things  like the Psyche and the Ego, which were involved with Gods like Pan. Ina ancient Egypt the "Soul" was 6 parts: 1. The Heart (Ib), Sheut (Shadow/Statue), Ren (Name), Ba (Personality), Ka (Life Spark), Akh (Intillect). The concept of the Shadow soul is probably the reason aboriginals thought that photographs captured the soul, in Ancient Egypt they would have people draw sillouettes so they could live on after death (along with all the mummification rituals).

Recently a Photoreceptor known as Melanopsin was discovered in the Human eye, it is special because it does not just function as a receptor, but the receptor actually has a deeper effects on our brain because it is meant to maintain your sleep cycle and other things that have to do with the 24 hour cycle we are used to.You have probably heard someone say "The Blue light of a computer screen can make you stay awake longer without meaning too" and this actually has scientific basis. If you grow plants, you know that plants respond to light and that the flower Cycle usually requires a red spectrum of light.

Phytochrome is the molecule in plants that is sensitive to red light.

Here is the Light Research Center's study on Red light

Here is the Light Research Center's study on the effects of light on the Endocrine System

Here is what Harvard says about blue light

Blue Light compared to Caffeine in a study

This paper explains a test where Blue and Green light were tested against each other in an MRI in a group of people.

This paper explain how if someone was exposed to Orange light, they had different results on a test.

This explains a double blind study that was done that showed if your ear canal is exposed to light, your brain has more cognitive function

If you watch the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode with Timothy Leary before he died (you can find it somewhere online if you look hard enough) he was talking about how he was able to use lights to stimulate LSD like hallucinations in people and even got them to see angels.

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