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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Context of 2017 Politics

Here is some context for the state of Politics in 2017.

First, around 2008, the country had began to become interested in changing some semi-old norms. Marijuana became a big topic, and when the DEA raided dispensaries many people supported the protesters and not the DEA. A lot of social groups who would have in the 80s been completely against legalization of Marijuana began to say that they did not care if people smoked Marijuana, and ultimately supported legalization.

Then Obama was elected. This spurred both the left and the right, the left in attempting to define a new era where the president did not have to be a white man, and the right in the sense of states rights and separation from the Federal Government.

Out of this came the Tea Party. The historical Tea Party was about "Taxation without Representation" and the modern iteration of the Tea Party felt as if they were not properly represented by their Government. They claimed to support fighting the tyrannical Government. But once Ferguson happened, and Police started riots by being overbearing on Peaceful protesters, turning them into rioters, the Tea Party was proven to be a farce. Many of the same people who claimed to oppose a Tyrannical Government were in support of the Government when it came to Tyranny against that particular community. And the Tea Party disintegrated. But the Democratic party also took a hit, because Democrats did not take the position they would have in the past, they supported the Police and continue to support the Police, no matter how bad it gets.

But pieces of the Tea Party remained. In Congress a new batch of Republicans had been elected by the voters during the Tea Party boom, and they wanted to pull the mat out from under the Government and send it toppling, or so they said. What they really wanted was to be in control themselves.

An example of this is the Cu-De-Vote that was staged against Speaker Boehner, in which the Congress planned a vote and showed that they had overwhelming support for replacing the Speaker with a new Speaker. Then the Pope came to the US and Speaker Boehner stepped down on his own. Then there was a short period where no one was sure who would be speaker, and Paul Ryan (the current Speaker) avidly suggested that he did not want to be, and would not be, Speaker. But now he is Speaker.

Then the 2016 election happened. Around 20 Republicans ran for office, and Donald Trump took the lead. The new Congress said that they did not want him, they would have anyone but Trump. First most of their support was behind Marco Rubio, then it shifted to Ted Cruz. But they were unable to get ahead of Donald Trump.

And now Donald Trump is about to be President on January 20th, 2017, and the Republicans are for the most part falling in line behind him. Many of them did not want to align themselves with him, but they are in a position where they have to. A New York Condo builder has been elected as the Republican candidate, and they have to deal with that.

That is the state of Politics in 2017.

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